Faye Knol

Excerpt from, Receiving David


We celebrated David′s birthday every year but hosted large celebrations every five years, on David′s fifth, tenth, and fifteenth birthdays. Lots of family and friends eagerly celebrated his life and their love for him. Even Linda, his delivery room nurse, attended his birthday open houses, marveling at the life he lived. Although his birth had set us on course for a different life than we had anticipated, his birthday became a joyful day of thanks for the individuality that defined David.

Despite all the progress David made, he never got out of a car without our help. He couldn′t have left the house on his own in case of a fire. He never grasped the concept of answering a ringing telephone. And the idea of getting food when he was hungry never occurred to him.

He also never recognized the disabilities others saw in him.

Because David became so comfortable with himself, we were able to see him whole, just the way he was. He had come to a place in life that was secure and happy. He thrived on routine, consistency, and stability. And though he frustrated us all regularly, he loved us unconditionally, as we loved him.
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